Kupfer Release Schedule

Hi all,

We aim for 1. february for Kupfer's next release. We should announce a
two-week string freeze on gnome's localization mailing list on monday
or so, to allow all localization contributors time.

I think I might merge in the "comma trick" changes for the next
version. If that happens, it is definitely going to be the most
awesome Kupfer release imaginable. Triggers are already in this
version, with the "comma trick" you can basically do (Multiple
Objects) -> Action and even (Multiple Objects) -> Action -> (Multiple
Indirect Objects).

For example, you can take three files then go 'Open with GIMP'. I
won't go on with all other crazy stuff you can do but you can Take a
saved command object (example Firefox -> Launch), stack it with yet
another saved command object (example Gedit -> Close), then bind a
keyboard trigger to run both commands at the same time. But I

String freeze doesn't mean that the code is frozen, but new plugins
must then wait until after the release.

Best Regards,

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