Re: standard browser

2010/2/3 Sebastian Merz <merz sebas googlemail com>:
> Hi there!
> The gtk_show_uri support in xfce is the problem in my case. It is
> planned to be implemented as it ssem, see:
> So I might just want to wait for that to happen. Thanks for the patch
> anyway but right now I am using the version from the ppa and that is
> just so comfortible ;)

Ah, this is good to know. Making this work for others is high priority
for kupfer but requires people to get involved to make their
configurations work.

> A comment on the zim plugin:
> I use zim for a lot of stuff, so whenever I type something in kupfer a
> lot of zim pages appear as suggestions. I would love to not have that
> on the top level (like the option there is for the browser favourites
> plugins).

This is something I would like to solve with generality and remove the
bookmarks special cases: Simply a catalog configuration where you can
choose which sources are "in" and which are "out" of the toplevel.

> Also:
> A history of kupfer commands invoked would be great.

Yes. Feel free to elaborate exactly how you want to use this, what you
expect. User stories nbt only help but are almost a must when
designing the application. Also notice that you have the Last Command
object since the latest version (useful to make a trigger to repeat
the latest action, although it only makes sense with some actions,
like skip to next song).

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