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From: Steven Garrity <stevelist silverorange com>
Date: Mar 2, 2007 12:42 AM
Subject: [Usability] Skipping Around Audio/Video in Gnome
To: usability gnome org

I was skipping through a podcast I downloaded (so easily) in Rhythmbox
today. I was using the arrow keys to skip through the audio, but it was
strange because I'm used to the way the arrow keys skip through
audio/video in Totem.

I can't quite figure out exactly what the left/right arrow behaviour is
in either Rhymthbox or Totem for skipping around a media, but it's
definitely different between the two.

Rhythmbox seems to jump in short intervals, and if you hold down the
arrow key, it does a slow/jerky (and noisy) fast-forward.

Totem seems to jump a minute ahead with an arrow key press, though it
appears to be jumping smaller intervals backwards with the left arrow
key. Holding down the arrow keys does a smooth, but silent fast-forward.

It would be nice to be able to learn the behaviour of skipping through
audio/video with the keyboard in *one* of these and have that experience
carry over to the other (and other apps, I didn't look at Banshee, or
Jokosher, or other Gnome-y media apps).


Steven Garrity
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