Re: [jokosher-devel] Jokosher packages on other distributions

On 6/12/07, Laszlo Pandy <laszlok2 gmail com> wrote:
Francis Giannaros wrote:
> Looks like the site was updated but it still has:
>> Installing on something other than Ubuntu
>>       Source Tarball  DOWNLOAD
> This is a bit of a shame as Jokosher is even easier to set up on other
> distributions (or has been for a long time) than it is on Ubuntu. The
> message implies that all other users need to compile it, which just
> isn't true. There are even far more helpful instructions for other
> distributions already on as
> well.
> No chance of other distributions getting a helpful message on there?
> I'm curious as to why it's so exclusive =)
> Kind thoughts,

As far as I know, Ubuntu is the only distribution where you can click on
  a package in Firefox, click OK, click Install, type in your password
and have everything installed perfectly. Thus this is the only package
that we directly linked to.
I am not saying that installing on other
distros is not as easy, its just that I (and most if not all of the
Jokosher dev team) use Ubuntu and only Ubuntu and so I wouldn't know how
to do it elsewhere.

As I said, a couple of people from other distributions already
mentioned that packages from distro x and y are available some time
ago, and linked to instructions (as I did in the first post of this
thread) already.

If you or anyone else would like the be in charge of making it easy to
install on your distro, send an official sounding set of instructions
suitable for the page as well the link(s) to the
package(s) to the mailing list, and we'll see that it gets put on the site.

Thanks, that would be great :). The instructions are on are good enough I think.

Kind thoughts,
Francis Giannaros

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