[jokosher-devel] How about this then

Day one in the big brother house.(Said in a tongue in cheek Geordie accent)

After a hectic start both people entered the show, we wondered if we
had over done the mass printing effort.  Fortunately though the shows
pace increased and things steadily got busier to the point where the
music could no longer be heard over the noise of people talking.  Not
the greatest of demos that, an audio program where you can't hear the
audio (memo to self next year big speakers).  However we managed to
demo our way through the day on the two laptop present, and on the
whole everyone that saw the project was very impressed with the
general look and feel of the program.

One of the main questions asked was who we were aiming the product at?
To which we replied it is aimed at musicians it is basic and
functional, it is easy to use and briefly demoed how to cut and paste
into new instruments feeds, splitting the audio and in general messing
about with the original import of Jono's free software song.
Stupid question of the day went to the chap from Zend who asked at a
stall in the ".org village." "How were going to make money?"  Isn't
that just the most Homer forehead slapping D'oh question ever.

By the end of the first day we had talked ourselves horse, nearly run
out of flyers and had a great time.  Some people seemed to take a
really genuine interest in the project where as others asked a couple
of questions and were gone.  One of the things that impressed me the
most was just how many people at the show were Techs from local
schools, colleges and universities.  Many of these people were very
interested in it's development and said they would definitely keep on
eye on Jokoshers progress.  A guy from bt said he would install it on
his Linux pc to demo the project to his cubase, windows using son
(that one amused us a little).

Final thoughts.

Jokosher was in the busiest section of the .org village.  We were
amazed by the amount of people who took an interest in the stall and
the project as a whole.  Many of the people who came to the stall said
they would definitely check it out, the less determined amongst them
said they would check out 0.1 an not compile gstreamer cvs thank you
very much.  However of the people who said they would check it out
most said they would install when 1.0 comes out.  On the whole it was
a really impressive day with a high turn out and a really stunning
response to the Jokosher project.  Everyone should be proud of the
work they have put into this project it'll rock Jono said so;) (got to
add the winky smile for Jono, you know you have)

Seek That Thy Might Know

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