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Hacked up a template for a Jokosher flyer (A4):


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> Dave - when mailing about stand issues, don't just mail me, mail the team. :)

Realised that after with is why I did this post.  :)

> I would recommend you guys have the following stuff printed:
>  * a bunch of posters with the Jokosher logo on to put up on the booth.

Posters really need to be bigger than A4 might need pro help for that.

>  * some small flyers to give to people that list the Jokosher details.

Have you got detail you can post me please?  If it A4 size then I can do it

>  * maybe a Jokosher fact sheet with some info and screenshots on.

Again if you have a layout and it's on A4 I can print some of thesse off.

Seek That Thy Might Know

Seek That Thy Might Know
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