Re: [jokosher-devel] trying to set up jokosher

En/na Laszlo Pandy ha escrit:
Pau Arumi wrote:
i've just make my first attempt to run the svn version of jokosher but
not very successfully...
I talked to Pau on IRC about this. It seems he has only built the gstreamer module and not the other required ones. The problem should be fixed now.
I just wanted to confirm that I've been able to complete the set up process :-)

This is the only difficulty I've found: In the wiki "InstallingCvsGstreamer" you can read "Now, repeat the steps [./ and make] for the other modules in any order."

I've noted that not every order is good, since you can find errors of .pc files not found.
This is the order that worked well for me is:
1. gstreamer
2. gst-plugins-base
3. gst-plugins-good
4. gst-plugins-ugly
5. gnonlin


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