Re: [jokosher-devel] Willing to do some work!

First a question: should we start to learn DocBook? Imo that would be
much easier to write documentation in, as we wouldn't have to deal
with all this wiki markup.

Then I think it would be much better if users would be able to write
tutorials without having to send emails to Jono (a different wiki
system, as being discussed)

A link for each language from the main Jokosher website's 'help'
section to the wiki page of that language would also be nice.

The ultimate goodness would be to have translations automanaged by the
wiki and simply providing a 'translate' button with each english
article, but maybe that's too much hassle to be realised...

Anyways, the way it's now is pretty OK for now I'd say.


2006/7/26, Jeff Ratliff <jefrat gmail com>:
On 25/07/06, Adriaan Leynse <lordmyth gmail com> wrote:
> I was mainly thinking about translations (English -> Dutch).
> I can do graphics (inkscape + gimp) too, and I'm also a C++
> programmer, but those may be of less use.
  Thanks for the work you've done. I noticed that you've already
started translating our existing docs on the Wiki. Any help is

If you need additional help or direction, let me know.

Also since you're new to the project and we really haven't worked out
how we're going to handle translations I ask you to look for things
that could be better. If you can take notes on what is difficult for
you, or what could be done better and let me know, that would help.
The documentation team is still pretty new, and we're trying to get a
good system together.

Jeff Ratliff (Gomer_X)
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