Re: [jokosher-devel] Planning 0.2

On 7/17/06, Stephen Thorne <stephen thorne id au> wrote:
>Nice file structure might be nice, but is it really that important?

Yes. It's the difference between having an extensible python application that can be extended cleanly, and a bunch of files that you have to rape+paste or monkeyhack in order to use them externally.

Use case: Alternate tool, based on jokosher's libraries, in order to import jokosher libraries, that tool will have to have every single module named differently, and will have to use sys.path hacks to import jokosher.

If the libs are instead done nicely into a package, it would be trivial to import jokosher libs and mix them with my own code, as jokosher could live in site-packages/jokosher/.

On the other hand, it makes it a little more fiddly to grab the code
and run it *without* installation, I suspect, andone of my goals is
that Jokosher should be relocatable. I suppose the "jokosher"
executable, which would actually be a script, can just "import
jokosher" which would pick it up from . if it's there and
site-packages (which is already on sys.path) if it isn't.


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