Re: [jokosher-devel] Modifying a pipeling while in PLAYING state

Stuart Langridge wrote:
1) The pipeline must always be in a playable state. If you unlink
something, immediately link it to something else. Currently we do a
whole lot of preparation for playing in which will no
longer work.
2) Whenever you unlink two elements, you must block the pad first so it
doesn't complain about a non linking error. I still have to figure out
the details of this, but it should be something like pad.set_blocked(True).

Is it worth thinking about some utility functions to abstract away the
complexity here? Or can't it be done because each caller has to do it
in a slightly different way?


It might be quite similar, but it will be little things, so you would only be abstracting one or two lines of complexity. Once we get the first few down, it will just be a matter of looking at the ones that work and make all other functions do the same sort of thing. Like for 2) every time you unlink you also block. 1) will that a bit more thought.


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