Re: occur error when use GdkPixbuf savev method in gjs

Check what the introspection data for GdkPixbuf savev is declared as.

I suspect it's broken (needs fixing upstream)

The last two arguments are supposed to be arrays and defined like this.
<array c:type="gchar**">
 <type name="utf8"/>

the copy I have for that file (is a bit old so it might have been fixed) shows this.
<parameter name="option_keys" transfer-ownership="none">
            <doc xml:whitespace="preserve">name of options to set, %NULL-terminated</doc>
            <type name="utf8" c:type="char**"/>

If the gir is correct the correct syntax is probably
pb.savev("screenshot.jpg", "jpeg", [], []);


 --- On 29/Mar/2011, Yuren Ju wrote: 
> Dear all,
> I want to use savev to save a pixbuf to png/jpeg without options, but occur
> some problem:
> pb.savev("screenshot.jpg", "jpeg", null, null);
> I try to fill null, empty String or array but still occur different problem
> like "may not be null", "Unrecognized parameter () passed to JPEG saver".
> and also found if use seed javascript framework, i can use
>"filename", "jpeg") to save pixbuf. (but i want to write a
> gnome-shell extension, so needing to use gjs)
> any idea for this problem?
> my GTK version is 3.0.2-70.3
> Thanks,
> Yuren

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