Re: out parameters in seed

The original design looked a bit like this.
var arg1, arg2
var ret = am.get_most_available_presence (arg1, arg2);
print arg1.value + ',' + arg2.value

(it adds the property value to the object sent in, and puts the out value in there.)

The code has been modified since to do this (Webkit does not have dereference so you can't do assignment to a list like gjs)
The generated API doc's should indicate this (from what I remember)

var out;
var ret = am.get_most_available_presence (out);
print out.arg1 + ',' + out.arg2;

if the method returns void, you can also use this syntax

var out;
var ret = am.get_most_available_presence ();
print ret.arg1 + ',' + ret.arg2;

(out will still be available in the first argument, for compatibility reasons.)


 --- On 04/Sep/2010, Jonh Wendell wrote: 
> Hi, folks.
> How to access out parameters in seed?
> In gjs I can do something like this:
> let [ret, arg1, arg2] = am.get_most_available_presence ();
> Which works fine.
> In seed I've tried
> ret = am.get_most_available_presence (arg1, arg2);
> Only return value is right. Both arguments are not touched.
> Any hint?
> Thanks,
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> Jonh Wendell
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