home plugin issue with drag events

I'm working on the Ubuntu Mobile project and we are currently developing based on version 1:0.0.43-1 of hildon-desktop which was merged a couple of months ago from previous version 1:0.0.21-1 (see https://code.edge.launchpad.net/hildon-desktop). Since the merge, I'm seeing a new problem where our home plugin is not receiving drag events that occur within it's container anymore, which is causing some problems. I've been looking at the the many changes made to libhildondesktop/hildon-desktop-home-item.c with regard to event propagation and motion, but can't seem to pinpoint the problem (assuming the problem lies somewhere here). I've also merged the latest changes you guys have made to this file (enabling the extension events) but this does not seem to help.

Is there something new I need to do in the home plugin in order to get these events or a specific place I might look? The home plugin we are using adds a gtk_mozembed() to the home plugin container and loads a Flash movie in the gtk_mozembed() and the drag events are not reaching the Flash movie anymore. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks


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