Re: could hildon-desktop support multiple configurations?

Hi Li,

> I have a question on hildon-desktop that is there any possibility for
> hildon-desktop to support multiple desktop configurations, like
> supporting both maemo rotated "L" layout and moblin single marquee
> panel layout? It might be better and more flexible for developers
> to build up hildon-desktop with single source base.
> If you have any suggestions or ideas on this, please share with me.
> Currently I have a prototype for this that an option
> "--enable-umeconfig" is added to control what kind of desktop.conf
> need to be installed. With this disabled, maemo rotated "L" layout is
> installed by default; while with it enabled, moblin single marquee
> panel layout. Also I created another option "--enable-maemogtk" to
> switch on/off the MAEMO specified GTK interface that are not available
> to me.
> The patch file is pasted below and it is based on latest
> hildon-desktop 0.0.34. Please help to take a look to see if the idea
> is ok.

First of all, thanks for the patch!

I don't think we should have distribution-specific desktop layouts in
hildon-desktop source code. Yes, this means that we shouldn't even have
the maemo-specific layout there (we'll fix this (soon) by having a "raw"
desktop.conf file in the source and putting all our specific
configuration files in the debian packaging). 

Desktop layout definition is an integration and distribution issue, not



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