Hildon desktop jhbuild module

for those interested in hacking on the "Hildon desktop" (as opposed to
developing applications on top of it), we offer now an alternative to
the usual scratchbox setup.

All the gory details are here, http://live.gnome.org/Hildon/Building,
but a very brief summary would be:

- Builds hildon-desktop + minimal dependencies (hildon-1, sapwood,
scratchbox, plankton theme + theme tools) using jhbuild.
- Does NOT use maemo-gtk but upstream gtk.
- Provides scripts to automatically start a hildon desktop instance
under Xephyr.
- It's broken as hell (see wiki for details).

Hopefully we'll iron out the existing issues in the future, but this
should be already enough to get something running without too much pain.

Happy hacking,

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