[HIG] Ctrl Shift or Shift Ctrl ?

I have been looking through the HIG and making patches for Dia

I have noticed that the screenshots used in the HIG consistantly use
Shift+Ctrl as opposed to Ctrl+Shift

This is very aesthetically pleasing.
But it is not as usability friendly.

Beginners dont realise that Ctrl+Shift is the same as Shift+Ctrl and this
is confusing.
The shape of keyboards lend themselves to putting your little finger on
the Ctrl key first then putting the next finger on Shift.

Mozilla uses Ctrl+Shift
Microsft uses Ctrl+Shift

I have some Apple HIG documentation but it is old and i cannot remember
what Apple Classic used (but i think it was Command symbol followed by and
Up arrow icon to indicate Shift).

I was unable to figure out a search query that came up with anything
useful and did not read anything in the HIG that explicitly specified
which way to to do it.

Has this been discussed and considered previously?
Is there any definative answer?

Alan Horkan

PS i had a link to the menus section of the HIG
but the updates and reorganisation left me with only a broken link and not
so much as a redirect.  I was able to find the new page.
I would very much like to see a usability policy for Gnome.org about
providing redirects or something more friendly than the default 404 that
ships with Apache.

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