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I don't know if anyone has time for a couple questions, but I haven't found the answers to these in a FAQ or anything, and I'm curious.

1)  Why 'reverse' the positions of the Alternate/Cancel/OK buttons from the Windows standard of Yes/No/Cancel?  The Yes/No/Cancel layout is familiar to millions of Windows users who might convert to GNOME if it seems familiar enough.  Is there a really excellent reason for this, or is it the 'not invented here' syndrome at work?  I'm not saying the Windows way is better--I'd love to see Windows go down in flames--but I don't see enough benefit to a new layout justify the change.  

2)  Why specify "spacing and positioning inside alerts" in pixels?  With 200 dpi flat-panel monitors available, how long will it be before your 6-pixel space between buttons looks like a hair's width?  In short, why not use points?  Speed issues?

Dave Strandberg

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