Re: [HIG] New release prior to ui-review?

On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 06:09:37PM +0000, Calum Benson wrote:
> In light of Glynn's recent GNOME 2.2 UI review email:
> it strikes me that it might be useful to do a new release of the HIG
> beforehand, to iron out any problems that we really don't want to
> perpetuate into GNOME 2.2 and beyond.
> Would people have time to work on this (I probably have a little, but
> not a huge amount), and what amendments do we think are necessary?

Post-1.3.0 cvs Galeon landed in Debian's incoming directory tonite, so
finally I can see how it's progressed.

It is doing quite well.

But . . . There's always one of these, eh?

But I noticed one thing which bears on the HIG.  Rather than weaken the
HIG by saying, "These are guidelines . . . sometimes it's better to not
follow them," include a special notice of this exception:

  The main panel menus and bookmark menu items should ignore general global
  settings and always show icons.

Main panel menus are Applications, Actions, the thing on the top-right
corner, and menus showing the same items. What are excluded of the panel
menus are all of the right-click popup menus.

Bookmark menu items includes the bookmarks themselve and the folder items;
it excludes items like "Add Bookmark".

I think someone who worked at Eazel can better explain why this should be so.

Whether there should be a way to turn off the icons with a specific local
setting, I do not know.

Of couse, I see some UI bugs in Galeon2. But I'll leave those to the review.

Greg Merchan

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