Re: [HIG] questions about nautilus issues

David Fallon wrote:
> The text and the example specify having the toolbar appear under the
> view menu as a checked/unchecked menu item, depending on appearance. In
> nautilus (current cvs), the toolbar (and for that matter, the
> sidebar/location bar/statusbar) is listed as "Show Toolbar" if hidden,
> and "Hide Toolbar" if visible. This is a bit of a difference, of course.
> Should this be fixed to match the HIG? How are the other
> (sidebar/location bar/status bar) bars supposed to be handled? It won't
> make sense to fix the toolbar and leave the others the same...

Darn, forgot to reply to this email before the UI freeze :/

Yes, I would have changed Nautilus to use checkbox menu items for
toolbar, sidebar, location bar and status bar, if for no other reason
than lots of other apps are now following the HIG in this respect.  I
don't think I'll be losing any sleep over it just yet, though...


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