[HIG] Save window and user interaction

Hi everyone,
	I've come across an anomaly between Mozilla and Galeon running under
Gnome 1.4 (which isn't in the Gnome 2 HIG, as far as I can tell).

During a save operation, the default file name to be used is that supplied
by the remove environment. The default directory is the last visited 
directory. However, you will find that if you click on any part of the window
containing some functional widget - such as a folder icon, the file name
disappears. IE [filetest.pdf] (click on DOwnload folder) [   ]  and you
have to give a new name.

I've looked in the guide and can't find any guideline as to indicate what
should happen to file names in save windows.

My feeling is that the name should remain the same, and that it can only 
be modified by direct user keyboard interaction. THat way, changing directories
doesn't create a problem, neither does accidentally clicking on another file
in the file chooser menu.

Your thoughts??

++ Rod Farmer
++ Dept of Comp.Sc and Soft Eng					
++ The University of Melbourne, Australia
++ 207 Bouverie Street
++ Parkville, VIC. 3052
++ Australia

## Email: raf cs mu oz au 
## Tel: +61 3 8344 9140

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