[HIG] Re: New toolbar button ordering

Okeydoke, how strongly do we feel about this?  Is it worth sticking to
our HIG guns and saying Stop really does have to come before Reload on
the Nautilus/Galeon toolbar, or should we just change the HIG back to
match what Galeon, Mozilla and Konqueror currently do...?


Evandro Fernandes Giovanini wrote:

> > Any comments Matthew (since it was you who originally pointed out that
> > Stop ought to be as near Back, Forward and Reload as possible)... what
> > button ordering is Mozilla likely to be going forward with?  (If you'll
> > pardon the pun...)
> Matthew hasn't commented on this yet, but I don't think Mozilla is going
> to change at this point. It has Back, Forward, Reload and Stop buttons,
> in that order.
> Do you agree to change the order to Back, Forward, Reload and Stop (as
> used by Nautilus 1.x, Galeon, Mozilla and Konqueror)?

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