Re: [HIG] Right click should select before displaying popup menu

On 23Mar2002 04:01PM (+0100), Johan Walles wrote:
> Hi!
> I've been browsing the GNOME2 HIG at
> "";.  Something I'm
> missing is the behaviour of right-clicking in list boxes.
> What *I* would like to be the standard behaviour is for the right click to
> first select, then display the popup menu.  Thus, if you first left-click
> item #1, and then right click item #3, the popup menu should refer to item
> #3.
> If several items are selected, the current (multiple) selection should be
> preserved if one of the selected items is right clicked.

I think most everyone would agree with you that this is the best
behavior. If this item is missing it's an accidental omission. Send a
patch! :-)

 - Maciej

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