[HIG] Feedback from HCI review

Hi everyone,

RE: Intermediate/Advanced windows users and Linux

	As mentionned to Seth earlier I have run a very informal review
of the work being undertaken by the HIG group to about 300 final year soft eng
students with advanced skills in both linux and windows.

The basic response has been positive but the results none too surprising.

1. Better support for Internet browsing and media components
2. Configuration difficulties (will expand)

Firstly, most students find that the functionality of common browsers found
under LInux are a poor substitute to IE. Although I'm not of the same opinion
many find that the support of mneumoniccs is minimal and font specification
and display is rather poor.

Rendering of streaming media is extremely difficult and many of the applicationsavailable under Linux are by far inferior to those available to MS users.

Second, there seems to be some inconsistencies in the adding of applets to the
tool panel. You can remove an object that is presented (not problems there) but
the presence of remove automatically suggests the ability to add. Trying to
perform this action by following the subsequent menu structure is extremely
difficult. I think that if you present the user with the option Remove you
should account for the presupposed option of Add

More feedback will surely come in as time goes on.



++ Rod Farmer
++ Dept of Comp.Sc and Soft Eng					
++ The University of Melbourne, Australia

## Email: raf cs mu oz au 
## Tel: +61 3 8344 9140

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