Re: [HIG] Coleen: HIG review comments II

> Since all the figures atm are actual screen elements
> which are limited in resolution anyway, 72 ppi is fine, but for
> illustrations we would obviously need higher for print. Not a big deal,
> but if its easy to do that would be nice, otherwise don't bother.

Optimization for print and optimization for the web require separate
processes for a lot of things, like callouts, for instance, in print,
should be vector-based (thinner than a point), while they obviously
cannot be, in GIF or PNG (smallest 1 pixel wide).

Conversion from RGB to CMYK and from a higher res to lower res is
relatively painless if automated in PS, but otherwise it can be a pain
in the ass.

So in short, I won't bother for now with eps or CMYK tif files,
particularly because the text and content of the guide doesn't seem
solid yet.


> > What file format would you like for the files?  I've done GIFs for an online
> > guide before, but do you want pngs instead?  I think GIFs have more support,
> > so I suggest the latter...
> PNG please. Its pretty easy to convert all the PNGs to GIF at some point
> if that becomes a problem.
> -Seth

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