Re: [HIG] Coleen: HIG review comments II

On Wed, 2002-01-16 at 08:43, Coleen Baik wrote:
> Great!
> I'm going to assume this is going to be an online guide only (no eps files, no
> print complications taken into account, size of figures for a web browser
> screen, 72 ppi).

OK. I hope to eventually have the guide printable, but its ok if we
focus on the online guide for now. Gregory has a script which converts
the PNGs to EPS. Since all the figures atm are actual screen elements
which are limited in resolution anyway, 72 ppi is fine, but for
illustrations we would obviously need higher for print. Not a big deal,
but if its easy to do that would be nice, otherwise don't bother.

> What file format would you like for the files?  I've done GIFs for an online
> guide before, but do you want pngs instead?  I think GIFs have more support,
> so I suggest the latter...

PNG please. Its pretty easy to convert all the PNGs to GIF at some point
if that becomes a problem.


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