Re: [HIG] Small issues with the HIG

Sebastian Rittau wrote:
> I noticed the following issues while browsing the "Controls" chapter
> of the HIG:

Excellent comments, thanks very much!  I've just fixed and committed
most of the things you pointed out, except those that require pictures
to illustrate them better-- I'll work on those over the next couple of

> Chapter 8.15 "Sliders and Spinboxes" says:
> The last sentence doesn't fit with the style of the HIG and is
> redundant. The first point of the recommendations is missing the final
> period. The second recommendation uses the word "realtime". Should be
> "real time" IMO.

The Sliders+Spinboxes section wasn't really ready for review, actually--
I really just put some notes in there to remind myself what to write
later.  (You're right about "real time" though!)


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