[HIG] Ctrl+W behaviour should be more detailed


I just read quickly the hig 1.0, and saw that ctrl+w was mentioned as a standard shortcut. However, its behaviour should described with more details, because currently most apps behave differently when ctrl+w is pressed : 
	gedit closes the current document, and show a blank window when all docs are closed and refuses to quit if ctrl+w is pressed once again
	file-roller closes the current window (it looks like a 'bug' in file-roller since ctrl+w isn't mapped to close document but to close window)
	galeon closes the current document, and when closing the last doc, it exits galeon (it asks before exiting iirc)
	Nautilus closes the current window (which is the correct behaviour for it)
	mozilla does like galeon
	profterm closes the current tab, but if there is only one tab it does nothing

So, for apps using window, ctrl+w behaviour is consistent and closes the current window, but for apps using tabs, it's not very consistent, so that should be mentioned in the hig if a common "good" behaviour can be defined for all apps (one difference to have in mind when comparing gedit and galeon behaviour is that gedit only uses tabs, while you can have several galeon window, each window containing one or more tabs)

Cheers, Christophe (and forgive me if this point is treated somewhere in the doc :)

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