[HIG] MDI windows

Hi, I just read your newly released HIG and felt like letting you know how disappointed I was to read for two times: 'MDI has several inherent usability problems, so its use is not encouraged in new GNOME applications' I have been using MDIs extensively on MS-Windows for years and was so much hoping to see better support for them in future versions of GNOME. They are the most efficient way of maximizing desktop real estate while at the same time keeping related windows togehter. In particular they are handy for database applications. Just take a look at Oracle apps and see what a nuisance it is to work with SAP's windowing technique in comparison. If people have usability problems with them they can always keep document windows maximised all the time. Please do not disrespect users with a less standard working style than the mainstream. The habit of the masses is not always the most efficient way to do things. UNIX has always been about maximum configurability. Other than that, BTW, I am very pleased with most of the directives you put forward. I hope a lot of creators of open source software will care to oblige so we will see neatly designed applications pop up. Regards, Thomas Führinger

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