Re: [HIG] Label alignment

On Fri, 2002-08-09 at 05:48, Seth Nickell wrote:

> Probably not, other than what you or I provide. At this point the most
> effective thing we can do with the HIG is not get it perfect, but get it
> out. I'm looking at release in about 1-1.5 weeks now. We can release 1.2
> in two months after we get a bunch of reviews and change some things.

Well, by "rigorous" I didn't necessarily mean "big", probably just you
and me and (possibly) one other person if we can find somebody who's
willing to spend a day or two on it.  At the very least we both need to
read the whole lot through and make sure it all hangs together, because
I know I've added stuff since the last review that probably contradicts
things that somebody else has written elsewhere in the HIG, or that I've
changed my mind about since :)

> I expect the HIG to work more like a "GNOME best usability practices"
> document for the near future rather than a rigid formal
> specification[1]. We will inevitably change items, and where we make
> changes we can go through the desktop and file bugs where they need to
> be filed, attach patches where the changes can be done in glade, and
> suggest changes to maintainers where they are on IRC. In Free Software
> the first few releases of something (even libraries) change quickly, and
> morph until they solidify.

I agree with all of that, but I think we still need to make some sort of
pre-release editorial effort in our 'major releases' at least... kind of
like a ui-review, but for the HIG :)  Doesn't have to take more than a
couple of days, we just need to sit down and make sure all the
guidelines and terminology are consistent etc... I know you've been
doing some over the past few days, I just need to start doing some of it
as well...


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