[HIG] Re: [Usability]Label alignment

On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 02:47:39AM -0500, Seth Nickell wrote:
> Dunno exactly what's up there, but I think Calum's out for the week or
> something, so it might take a while for a more definitive response.
> But... my opinion as it were is that the main thing that message
> suggests is that the final official say is that it doesn't matter too
> much. Given that most of GNOME already uses left-alignment, that makes
> me inclined to think we should just stick with left-alignment and save
> ourselves the effort of converting.

I won't be happy with left-aligned, but oh well. Just two notes:

 1) I hope decisions aren't often made by inertia. Though I'll concur
    (until I know better) that this particular matter is not as
    important as - say - idiomatically garbled Close buttons.

 2) I think the main reason we have left-aligned labels is that it's
    harder to do right-aligned labels. I remember wondering why setting
    text-alignment in glade didn't align the label at hand; it was setting
    alignment multiple lines, but not for the lead line. (I do know how to
    do it now; that was years ago. ;-)  It doesn't help that what you see
    in glade when using it is left-alignment.

Greg Merchan

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