[HIG] Copy editing standards

Just glancing through the stuff that Colin has committed. One thing that struck me was that since we have both English and American speakers contributing :), we're going to have some conflicts between British & American spelling and grammar rules.

The GNOME Documentation Project style guide (see http://developer.gnome.org/documents/style-guide/technicaldetails.html#GNOME-GRAMMAR-USAGE ) recommends American grammar & spelling rules. I don't want this to get in the way of getting content written, so I'm happy to do the copy editing later, but just wanted y'all to be aware of it now.

The one grammatical rule difference that always throws me is the British use of the plural to refer to an organization/group: for instance, "The GNOME Project have recommended..." This is incorrect in American grammar; rather, one would say "The GNOME Project has recommended...". (I once spent half an hour fixing this apparent error in a contract from Oxford University Press that I was reviewing before I realized that the rule was different. :)

Anyway, don't stress about this; I'm happy to go in and fix these fairly late in the process. But I did want to warn you that such editing will probably happen at some point.


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