Enumerating hard drive volumes using GVolumeMonitor


I was trying to use GVolumeMonitor's g_volume_monitor_get... set of
apis to enumerate all volumes/mounts available but it only seems to
display volumes on external devices.
It seems that GVolumeMonitor only enumerates "user interesting devices" now.
Is there a way I could monitor mount-added/removed events for mount
changes with internal hard drive mounts (along with the external
devices that is happening now) using GVolumeMonitor.

Archived mailing lists seem to suggest that GVolumeMonitor uses
devicekit-disks now. Am I correct in assuming this (or have I
misunderstood) ?

I am not particularly keen on using GUnixMounts because of the extra
polling it does on mtab to generate mount/unmount events.

Thanks in advance,
Aniket Ray

PS: I could not find any gio-app-devel type list. If this is not the
right list for such queries, could someone point me to the right one.

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