[guppi-list] New maintainer for libguppi(?)


Since my last message, I have studied the libguppi code and I am now ready (I believe) to make useful things with it. So, as there is nobody else, I volunteer to be the new maintainer of libguppi. I hope I'll find enough time... I think that the most urgent is to port plug-ins (axis and scatter have already been ported and are now in libguppiplotimpl) and probably write some documentation (it will clarify many things for me in first place). If somebody has an opinion about what should be made before releasing libguppi-0.50.0, tell me.

I sent a message to Jon Trowbridge some times ago, but I had no reply. May be my message was not delivered? I need, of course, write access to the libguppi sources to go.

I hope a long life for our preferred fish

Best regards,

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