Re: [guppi-list] using guppi - what is command?

On 21 αΧΗΥΣΤ 2002 05:57, Natasha Hendrick wrote:
> Hi ... I suspect the answer to my query is obvious ... but I
> have (I believe) successfully installed Guppi (and all the
> libraries it requires) - I can run demo.c and see the pie
> chart and bar graphs (and get the same error message as per
> list email 4 Feb 2002) - however I can't seem to find the
> command to actually start Guppi.  Am I barking up the wrong
> tree completely?  Is Guppi just a collection of libraries for
Yes, it is only library at present time. Gnumeric and gnucash 
uses Guppi for chart draw.

> programmers?  I have installed from the Guppi-0.40.3 tarball
> and the RedHat Guppi-0.40.3-1.i386.rpm - both with the same
> results ... no executable in /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin. Any
> suggestions? Thanks in advance,
> Natasha (a first time guppi user)
> natasha velseis com au

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