[guppi-list] guppi & the gnome-print requirement

A number of people have had problems with the latest guppi snapshot
that could be traced back to having a not-sufficiently-new version of
gnome-print installed.  

I've justed figured out part of why this is happening... it looks like
the AM_PATH_GNOME_PRINT automake macro is broken.  Even though Guppi's
configure.in requires gnome-print 0.23 or later, the version check
seems to succeed for *any* version of gnome-print, even ones before
0.23.  Thus old versions of gnome-print (i.e. versions before the
incompatible API changes) are slipping by in the configure phase, only
to cause tons of errors while compiling.

I'll fix Guppi's build to check for specific symbols in libgnomeprint,
rather than using the version number check.  But in the meantime,
anyone who is having build problems with any Guppi snapshot should
check their gnome-print versions.


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