[guppi-list] Guppi RPM packaging

Hi all,

I have decided to step down from making Guppi RPMs on the x86. I'm trying to
cut back on some projects, since I think I've stretched myself a bit too
thinly. Admittedly, this project doesn't take much time, but I now have my
system set up to deal with CVS GNOME and no longer have development packages,
so I'd basically have to install another copy of Red Hat just to build Guppi

So I'm looking for someone to take over...apply to the list. :)

Basically it is just running:

rpm -tb Guppi-<version>.tar.gz

So anyone should be able to do it, with a correct build set up. Might I
suggest setting up a .rpmrc and .rpmmacros? You don't have to build as root...
see this url for more:
(Yes - that is for Mandrake. The same thing still applies no matter what
distro you run.)

Again, it's been nice working with you all - Jon, Conrad, and everyone else...
I wish you all well, and will still continue to enthusiastically support
Guppi. :)



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