Re: [guppi-list] Guppi 0.33.2 released

Thanks - this release works much better. : )

A new 0.33.2-1 RPM is up at:

The SRPM and .spec file are there, too, in case people want to build
their own RPM.

I don't guarantee that the RPM is 100% perfect, but it "Works for Me

Feel free to move this to if you'd like.

--Kenny: )

Jon Trowbridge wrote:
> I've put up a tarball for Guppi 0.33.2 at the usual place,
>  This is minor bug-fix release, based
> on feedback from people who tried 0.33.1.
> The build problem involving the .glade files not getting installed
> should (hopefully) be fixed.
> The other big change: I've removed the dependency on guile-gtk and
> guile-gnome.  These libraries were causing big problems for lots of
> people, particularly those on non-x86 platforms.
> This change doesn't impact any user-visible functionality... it mainly
> forces me to rearrange my development plans a bit until some
> guile-{gtk,gnome} issues get sorted out.
> -JT

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