Re: [guppi-list] Some suggestions

On Wed, Jan 19, 2000 at 03:45:49AM +0000, Hassan Aurag wrote:
>  Hi,
> Please take some time to take a look at the GmatH project.
> ...
> Well, I'd be interested to give GmatH users the ability to use
> guppi inside this central GUI?

It is certainly a goal of guppi to be embeddable and useful from other
tools.  It looks like the Gnomeific way of doing this is via Bonobo.
Once I get some core functionality into Guppi, the next thing on the
list is work on this.  I'm particularly interested in Guppi/Gnumeric
integration, but it looks like Guppi/GmatH itegration might be
interesting as well.

> I am open to suggestions, and might even write a nice pygnome GUI for 
> guppi if you wish.

My goal is for Guppi to be highly scriptable and extensible.  I'm
building in guile-bindings now, but I'd eventually like to get Python
bindings added as well --- why limit people to just one scripting
tool?  This might provide another "entry point" for guppi/GmatH
integration, since I see that GmatH is a python-based project.

All of this is premature, though, as guppi still doesn't really do
anything yet.  I've built lots of the pieces, and now I'm trying to
glue them together enough to justify a release.

> If you feel spammed by this mail, then please forgive and I will not 
> again post such matters in the guppi-list,

Of course not.  While Gnome IRC clients still comfortably hold the
wheel for "most reinvented wheel", the number of Gnome
plotting/graphing tools seems to be growing way too fast.  The only
logical thing for us to do is to try to work together.


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