Some suggestions


Please take some time to take a look at the GmatH project.

It aims to become a central GUI for many math-related tools.

What does that have to do with guppi? Well, I'd be interested to give 
GmatH users the ability to use guppi inside this central GUI?

How to this?

There is a gross way and the delicate way. 

The gross way, is for GmatH to swallow guppi GUI with a GtkSocket!

I am already implementing an MDI2 widget (not yet finished) and for 
now it swallows gnome-apps or any window.

The plan is to have a really easy to use replacement to MDI.

The delicate way is to work together to provide finer integration into 
GmatH as an option.

I am open to suggestions, and might even write a nice pygnome GUI for 
guppi if you wish.

In any case, if you think there is a powerful tool out there that 
should be supported by GmatH, feel free to contribute.

A a final note, I am not trying to reivent the wheel, but really to 
use all the good wheels out there.

The project page is:

If you feel spammed by this mail, then please forgive and I will not 
again post such matters in the guppi-list,

Thank you for your patience

H. Aurag

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