Re: [guppi-list] Status

On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Asger K. Alstrup Nielsen wrote:
> So you are not interested in data entry/modification?

Yes, we certainly are, though it's probably secondary. Anyway I am
designing the graphs to allow modification (in fact guppi2 already has
this feature, though no way to modify anything).
> Of course, Microsoft Excel is such an application.

I have extensive notes on how Excel works, but I was pretty unhappy with
it in some ways. Will probably copy it for bar charts and the like, maybe
not so much for the more "mathematical" plots.
> Other applications I have used:
> StatGraphics:
> Simstat:
> There are a few lists with pointers to statistical software.
> I haven't tried any of these for real, so I don't know if
> they apply:


> Regarding help with the other stuff:  I'll concentrate for Goose.

Definitely. Goose seems to be going very well. Thanks a lot! 


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