Re: [guppi-list] Goose numerics licensing update

Hi Jon,

I don't have time to write more on the subject, but when I'm done with 
a deadline I plan to outline GSL's position on GPL versus LGPL.

But let me just say here that you guys are going very fast down a
strange avenue: you are basically spending time modifying your
software for people who do not plan to make theirs free.

The LGPL's original purpose was not to help others keep their software
hoarded.  I think it's a pity that people are treating it like a way
of giving a grant to a rather antisocial industry.

The GSL team is flexible about using GPL or LGPL, but we want to hear
a better case presented than "I'm writing a non-free app, so please
LGPL your stuff for me".

I'll say more when I have time to read through that email with greater 
care: it might be that some better arguments for LGPLing exist.

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