Re: GUPnP device description handling

Hi all,

In our application, we initially have just the template for the file
on the filesystem.
Then we load the template and fill friendly name, udn, etc.
At the end we serialize the content into a temporary file to match the
current API.

It is no big deal to create the temporary file.
But I don't agree that the file is (always) available.

Kind regards

>> Why doesn't it server the xmlDoc directly?
> I don't know/remember the exact reasons Jorn designed it this way but
> the XML doc can't just be served as is but needs to be serialized.
> Don't really think thats an issue in home network but could be a big
> performance issue in corporate networks (not the main target audience
> though) so why not send the original file as is since its available?
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> Regards,
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