GUPNP/GSSDP properties


I would like to talk about 1 new feature and 1 property about "Network Manager".

As we already discuss earlier on IRC, Network Manager Context Manager is still present because it will be able to manage "Network Zone" (like on Windows, networks are tagged "Public, "Private", ...).
This feature will be available soon for Network Manager (not Connman unfortunately).

Have you already designed how to integrate this feature in gupnp/gssdp?
Simply a new property and the application will manage it itself or there will be intelligence in gupnp/gssdp?

I have a similar question about "network type" (aka, cable, wifi, cellular,).
I think this information is very useful for applications, especially for Mobile Handled Device. Maybe we don't want a M-DMP or M-DMS to register on a cellular connexion, only on a cable or wifi one.
Do you think we can add this information in gupnp/gssdp?


Ludovic Ferrandis
Open Source Technology Center
Intel Corporation

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