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hi Sahil,

The website looks great. So I cc: gugmaster mail list to share with other GNOME users group leaders and GNOME.Asia community.

I also suggest that you can write for GNOME Quarterly Q2[1] report to announce website of can also write some local activities in Q2 report. You can contact Andre Klapper to submit the Q2 report.

Some suggestions for the website:
1. The website will be a place to announce some local activities. Photos after activities can be uploaded to this website.
2. If there are useful documents like slides, you can also upload to this website.



2012/5/27 Sahil Malhan <sahil techtickle com>
Hi Emily & Pockey,

We'd like to share some of the developments made in GNOME India website in last few months. Its been a long time that we exchanged any updates regarding this. Now that we've completed most of the development part, we wanted you to review the same and guide us in what we should be doing next. 

We tried contacting GNOME Sys Admins as well, for sub-domains and hosting, but after getting no response from them we decided to purchase a domain and host the website on our own.

You can access the website at: 

We'd be glad to hear review comments and guidance from your end. We wanted to share the same in GNOME list as well. Let us know how we should proceed from here onwards.


On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 1:04 PM, Mani Y <mani techtickle com> wrote:
Yaa sure. I've sent mail to sysadmin already. We are just waiting for their response. I'll share further progresses about this task. 

On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 11:16 AM, Emily Chen <emilychen522 gmail com> wrote:
Yes, sounds good. You need to work with sysadmin team to get this domian since it is a sub domian of So be paitent.

"Christer Edwards" <cedwards gnome org> is working as sysadmin of GNOME Foundation, be sure to cc: him when send email to sysadm team: gnome-sysadmin gnome org


2011/10/17 Mani Y <mani techtickle com>
Thank you Emily for sharing information. We will try to buy domain ourselves in case we could not get any response from web admins. We wanted to have domain as as we could not buy such domain. In case if we had to buy domain we will try to buy
I've sent mail to sysadmin regarding this. I hope if they could manage to provide domain.

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 12:47 PM, Emily Chen <emilychen522 gmail com> wrote:
The Beijing GNOME Users Group build their website by themselves: buy a domain name and manage the server for them selves. One of the users group member donate money to buy the domian for 5 years. About 50 USD for 5 years. The member think this is another to contribute to GNOME.

BJGUG website is:

If you need Foundation's help on the domian name, send email to GNOME sysadmin team:
gnome-sysadmin gnome org

If there is no response from sysadmin team, I think it is OK and easy to manage domain and space by yourselves.


2011/10/13 Mani Y <mani techtickle com>
Hi Emily,
thanks for reviewing, I think this is what we've really missed. We will change all Gnome to GNOME. 
As this is just the layout that we're presenting before you and the material/content that is to be displayed on the website is under preparation. We're writing in our free time and also surfing other GNOME website for the related content. So it will be changed accordingly.
Although, we haven't received any response from the person concerned with website management, but we expect something to happen soon, else we'll need your help and support to contact him.

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 4:23 AM, Emily Chen <emilychen522 gmail com> wrote:
Hi Mani,

I suggest all "Gnome" change to "GNOME" in your webiste. It also would be great to put some GNOME event posters like: Women Outreach Program and Friends of GNOME etc.

Other content looks great and it is a good beginning to connect all users group in Indian.


2011/10/12 Mani Y <mani techtickle com>
Hi all,
we have prepared a demo website for Gnome India. We would like to install the website along with wordpress for better and dynamic content. We need your guidance for getting this task done. We would like to enroll in this process and really looking forward to get domain for website. Please suggest us if we are missing something. 
Here is the demo of the website with some dummy content.

Awaiting your responses.
Thank you.

Manish Yadav 

Manish Yadav 

Manish Yadav 

Manish Yadav 


Sahil Malhan

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