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Hello Mani,

Thanks for showing enthusiasm for spreading information about GNOME in India.
If you want to start a GNOME user group, I would suggest you to make use of the open GNOME platform (eg: mailing lists) instead of proprietary ones.

See this: https://live.gnome.org/UserGroups
Also this might help: http://chandniverma.blogspot.com/2011/05/interested-in-starting-and-maintaining.html

Chandni Verma
IRC: glassrose on GimpNet and FreeNode

On 14 August 2011 20:15, <noreply googlegroups com> wrote:
 GnomeIndia mani techtickle com has invited you to join the Gnome India group
with this message:

Hi.. chandani
this is mani. I created this group for Indian Gnome Community.
I need you to join as you will be one of the owners of this group.

Here is the group's description:

Indian Community for Gnome

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You can accept this invitation by clicking the following URL:


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If you feel that this message is abuse, please inform the Google Groups staff
by using the URL below.


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