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�� � � � � We celebrated the local meetup for Gnome User Group in our college and we found some very enthusiastic students who are very much willing to be the part of Gnome Community. And we are now planning to have a much bigger Gnome event in August-September in our college fest. I'm sharing some photographs of GUG meetup (26 April) at NIT Jalandhar

Link :�http://goo.gl/jZQV7

On Sun, Apr 24, 2011 at 2:17 AM, Mani Y <mani techtickle com> wrote:
Hi all,

We are trying to conduct a local meetup for Gnome Users on 26th April 2011 in Jalandhar, India�for local people and nearby colleges. We invite all you people to come and be a part of this. It is just a small step to create our Gnome community bigger and more active in India. I'm attaching the event banner, please find it in attachments.�

Date � � 26th April 2011
Venue ��NIT Jalandhar�(Punjab, India)�

Event will include detailed talks about the various methods of Contributing to Gnome and Contributing to Open Source through Events and Media. Also there will be�some interactive sessions with users who will be sharing their ideas, views and experiences with Gnome.��

Thanks !

Manish Yadav

Manish Yadav

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