Re: [gugmasters] Packets for Local User Groups


Claudio Saavedra wrote:
> When it comes to swag, in some cases it is cheaper and easier if the
> groups prepare a budget that the Foundation later finances. The
> rationale: manufacturing t-shirts, bags, stickers, etc. is cheaper in
> places like Latin America than the US or Europe, and sending money is
> usually cheaper than sending a heavy box with stuff.

This is sometimes the case. For things like posters, brochures, stickers
and other printing, the per-unit cost is tiny, and there's a big one-off
cost, which it makes sense to centralise.

For t-shirts, we should perhaps settle on high-quality PDFs with a small
number of colours in them, and try to at least compare prices and
conditions & build up a list of preferred printers in each country.

> AFAIK, this is what has been done for GNOME Chile in the previous years,
> I suspect that for other places it can work well too. Germán probably
> knows more details.

For France, I know that we've gotten t-shirts printed several times, by
several people (Sebastien Tricaud, Vincent, myself, and perhaps Fred
Peters too?) and there have been several suppliers involved, a lot of
re-learning... it'd be nice to make it very easy for a group to get
itself organised by sharing what knowledge & resources we can centrally.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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