[guadec-local] GUADEC update

T-Shirts and swag

(bold)Designers wanted!(/bold) For both shirts and swag, we need people with a
keen eye for visual design who can help out. Let us know ASAP = before June
16th. We need to order the goods after that date.

Reinout van Schouwen has stepped up to coordinate the t-shirts (free for
€75-level registrees and up!) and merchandise that will be sold at the
event. The deadline for getting the main design polished is July 1st, giving us
4 weeks to come up with an event design, a staff/volunteer version, and a
version to print onto merchandise.

Gaël Hernandez has taken on the “other swag” project. He is looking for input
on the cool kinds of conference stuff that people like, so please drop him a
note if you want something besides the typical “conference squeeze ball”.
(Personal suggestion: GUADEC superhero toys!!)

All profits from sales will go directly the GNOME foundation, who will continue
sponsoring travel grants for participants.

Program Schedule

The program committee has published the first version of the schedule! You can
find it on the GUADEC 2010 Program site
[http://www.guadec.org/index.php/guadec/2010/schedConf/program]. We have three
rooms: one big plenary room and two smaller break-out rooms.

We'll need lots of heralds to help out at the event: People who can focus
audience attention to the stage, introduce the speakers, keep an eye on the
clock and generally make sure things run smooth. Contact me if you want to help

Soccer match

Mario Gonzalez reminds us that a little physical activity is a good thing! He
has proposed to continue the yearly GUADEC soccer match, a competition with its
roots in the famous Torvalds vs. Gates match: Bill owned the soccer ball but
Linus still won. (Joking).

The local team is currently searching for a suitable field. If you are a player
and want to join the game, let Mario know!


Registration! It's open! For everyone!

After quite a long build-up (do you have any idea how long I've been
planning?), I am really happy to announce that, finally: Registration. Is.
Open! Check it out on the official register page: https://register.guadec.org/

We want everyone to come, so don't feel shy! The more the merrier, but don't
forget - free swag for EUR 75-level and up!

Registering does a lot of things, besides just helping to fund more travel
grants.  - First, we need you to do it; keeping track of everyone allows us to
plan the venue, food, swag and facilities; - Secondly, the municipality of The
Hague has promised a financial contribution towards GUADEC depending on the
number of attendees; - Lastly all registrees get to breeze into the conference,
because we give them a PDF-ticket. Registering at the door? Be prepared to wait
in line.

Registration closes on July 5th. So come visit, Holland is beautiful in July!


Everyone mentioned here and everyone helping out is on the GUADEC mailing list.
The easiest way to reach us all is with an email calling us by name!

Really, we'd love to hear from you -  guadec-list gnome org


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