[guadec-local] GUADEC 2010 organizers on planet.gnome.org

I had a chat with Mr. Vincent Untz:
<bkor> mr vuntz 
<bkor> can I create like a 'guadec' organizer section on
planet.gnome.org like gsoc? so just add the people and show the guadec
<bkor> just to make their names known, official stuff should be on
news.gnome.org, guadec.org, etc
<vuntz> bkor: if the posts are in english, and they post stuff about
guadec, I think it's a neat idea

With gsoc I refer to the Google Summer of Code. People participating are
shown temporarily on http://planet.gnome.org/ for the duration of gsoc.

Suggest to start off with making sure the following people are on
planet.gnome.org with a blog:
 * Vincent van Adrighem
 * Koen Martens
 * Sanne te Meerman
 * Fabrice Mous
 * Reinout van Schouwen

Some will very likely already be on pgo, I'll still add the logo, just
to create awareness about GUADEC 2010.

 * Blog in English
 * Post about GUADEC if you're not a foundation member (else: create a category)

If you want to be on planet gnome with the guadec logo, reply (to the
mailing list as well) and provide a link to your blog.
Note: I'll just use the logo as shown on
http://guadec.expectnation.com/ (should be small enough for pgo).

PS: I prefer posting in English so more people can follow this. Might
have to change that if we get more local volunteers.


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