[guadec-list] Openevent for papers and registration

Hi people,

For those of you who haven't seen it, we are thinking of switching
from regcfp (which has not been actively developed in some time now)
to openevent (which is actively developed and used by FOSSASIA). I
have talked to Sri (representing LAS) and to GNOME.Asia, both of whom
are interested in trying it out.

With openevent, we would have one ticketing website for all GNOME events.

Server and apps can be found at https://github.com/fossasia/open-event

You can test/use it at https://eventyay.com/

There is also a badge printing component to it: http://badgeyay.com/

They have a donation module which can be enabled and they seem eager
for us to work upstream with them for any plugins or changes that we
may want.


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